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Across the Learning Ecosystem

The Navigated Learning Collaborative developed out of a fundamental understanding by its collaborators that learning is complex, learners are diverse, and ecosystems are intricate. We recognized that the answers to these challenges are already available; what was missing was coordination between the various stakeholders to organize the answers into a simple, effective practice with free to use tools.

Across Disciplines and Geography

Navigator has been built, researched, and tested by a collaborative group of researchers, technologists, and educators who continually help improve and refine Navigator by usage. With strong foundations in the learning sciences, data science, and artificial intelligence, the Navigated Learning Collaborative continually builds on Navigator’s technology to assure learning outcomes for every learner. The Navigated Learning Collaborative reaches across disciplines and geography to bring together diverse stakeholders in the learning ecosystem - content providers, implementers, researchers, technologists, educators, funders, school administrators, and government officials.

The Navigated Learning Collaborative is Unique

Collaborators leverage Navigator in ways specific to their needs. They contribute content, develop or share competency models, provide feedback from their implementation, or leverage anonymized data to enhance the underlying science and advance Navigator for all users. The Navigated Learning Collaborative members share their usage data that is used to refine the Navigator in exchange for free, unlimited use.

The Science of Learning

Researchers, technologists, and lab schools incorporated the science of how individuals learn into the core technology behind Navigator. With Navigator’s ability to navigate learners to their destination and provide real-time data on learning outcomes at the individual, class, school, district, state, and national level, educators’ continuous feedback to make Navigator more effective. With grants from funders committed to the Navigated Learning Collaborative’s mission, we are able to engage the entire ecosystem to create systemic change.